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We evaluate all our learning sessions and always receive excellent feedback. Here is a selection of our recent comments:

“Having an insight into people’s mental health… it gives me a better understanding of the individuals I work with and helps me to change my approach, having more knowledge… engagement has been made easier for me by having a better understanding… the sessions have been excellent and all the team have got something from them.”

“I have valued the space and time to reflect on my own practice, having suggested strategies to implement with individuals and generally, and the encouragement of  the staff team to value and evaluate practice… it’s had a very positive effect on our work… the process helped me to work with a middle aged gent with complex needs who was extremely vulnerable.”

“I can now see reasons why clients might not want to engage.”

“Being able to discuss issues openly and not be criticised… made me look at situations differently to how I used to… it was helpful to look at consistency of rule for safety of clients and staff.”

“I have valued being able to talk openly about incidents, actions, decisions and consequences… elastic tolerance.”

“It’s helped me deal with challenging behaviour of clients with more success… preventing an eviction, getting client’s to change their behaviour and get them to engage more.”

“Sam has worked with us to develop case formulations for every client… it has enabled me to have a better understanding of client behaviour.”

“It has helped me to gain knowledge and new skills… enabled me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses… helped to avoid an eviction following a stabbing with one of them being resettled successfully and the other has priority.”

“… makes me question what I am doing and why… helped us to develop a plan to work with a client who was on the verge of being evicted.”

“Discussing personal feelings regarding the client group and strategies for maintaining resilience and personal wellbeing.”

“I had a difficult case with acute mental health and behavioural issues… Misbah gave me invaluable insight into the client’s behaviour and assisted me to formulate a strategy to effectively manage this client’s tenant… also advised on strategies to manage my own mental wellbeing.”

“attending the sessions has helped me to understand more how trauma can affect our client group and how to help them in their recovery… cases discussed in reflective practice have had an impact on how I have dealt with the people concerned in order to achieve a favourable outcome.”

“I have found the sessions helpful, being able to talk about difficulties in my caseload has helped me to effectively support clients… it has helped me to decrease stress in my job role and work more effectively… formulating ways and methods to support my caseload… I was able to promote engagement with a complex client who had a personality disorder and was difficult to engage… RP helped me to make a plan and get the client to engage.”

“it has been useful to discuss case and get different perspectives… I have more patience and understanding with difficult client and awareness of working in psychologically informed environments… have been more tolerant with clients.”

“I now regularly reflect on the go.”

“I feel the team is closer and more confident, the way we work is good.”

“All aspects of the sessions have been very helpful to me… made me think more about the support we offer… had a client who wouldn’t engage with staff. We discussed different approaches of how to encourage him to engage.”